CandleLight Sims

An Introduction: Who is Candall?

Candall is an avid lunatic.

He was born in Augusta, GA and raised in a nearby town, where he developed an interest in art very early in life.

In 1999 at the age of eighteen, Candall received his very first computer, which quickly became an obsession. Along comes The Sims, and Candall's love for art receives a living, dynamic outlet.

In December of 2004, Candall graduated from Georgia College and State University with a BA in Art.

CandleLight Sims, Then and Now

CandleLight Sims (2000 - 2005)

CandleLight Sims was started in April 2000 by Candall.

Tragically, it was naught but a small, poorly designed Geocities site for the first several months of its life. Even more tragically, the only content provided was a collection of photos of things that might someday be available downloads. At the time, the site was known as "Candall's Sim Downloads." Appropriate, but boring.

Due to Candall's 3D work in Blueprint, the site has amazingly gained a bit of recognition. After about a year and a half, Candall is contacted by riktor of The Diary of a Sim. After giving the site a full makeover and generating some poorly rendered downloads, Candall makes his move to The Diary of a Sim's Strategy Planet server. "Candall's Sims Downloads" is reborn as "CandleLight Sims."

After being introduced to the joys of hex-editing, Candall pulls off the creation of an innovative object... a treadmill that actually works. People swarm to CandleLight Sims, and Candall's continued experimentation makes the site a sleeper hit.

Programs such as "Script Station" hit the internet, and Candall takes advantage of their potential. In addition, Candall devises new ways of hacking object graphics in such a way that few others attempt while his skill with 3D software grows.

Some time in 2003, CandleLight Sims' last update hits the site. More than a year passes with no updates.

March 2005, Candall is compelled to give the site a new makeover, creating a sleeker interface and infinitely better navigation system. CandleLight Sims is reborn again.

The Re-lit Repository (2009)

Who am I?

I'm Candall. From the early days of the "Sims Community" through a few years in, I pseudo- actively ran a website called CandleLight Sims. I have developed a renewed interest in creating objects for The Sims, but I do not have a renewed interest in running a website, which leads us to:

What is the Re-Lit Repository?

Simply speaking, it's a simple and clean one-page interface that I can use to provide my creations, and it is generously hosted here at the Secret Society of Woobsha. The term "Re-Lit" is applied because the primary focus is to present re-created objects originally uploaded to CandleLight Sims. They have been entirely re-imagined from graphics to code and are now presented as they should have been originally.

What's the deal with those "Hack Me" Pages?

They are, first and foremost, not a step-by-step guide to hacking, nor are they a particularly good resource for absolute beginners. There are plenty of excellent articles at the Woobsha Workshop that cover the gritty details for beginners and experts alike.

Instead, the "Hack Me" pages simply provide a bit of insight into how I assembled the coding of the object. The best way to use it is to open the object in question in the IFF-editing program of your choice and study the BHAVs as you read along. There are many things that I could probably do better when I create my objects, so I don't claim that my techniques are the end-all, be-all of hacking... but there are bound to be a few tricks that are worth repeating within their pages, and I'm always happy to listen if you think that you have a better method.

What's your cloning/recoloring policy?

As a proud member of the secret Society of Woobsha, I'm happy to report that my policy echoes that of the rest of the site in full.

The CandleLight Sims Archives (2015)

The CandleLight Sims Archives is a combination of CandleLight Sims with the 2 items from the Re-lit Repository.

Shortly after the Re-lit Repository began in 2009, File Planet (formerly Strategy Planet) closed its doors to Sims sites, deleting the websites stored on its servers. It seemed Candlelight Sims was lost

Happily, it turned out a diligent Sims fan had rescued not only the entire compliment of files, but the website itself. In 2013, Deekitty31 supplied N99 with a copy of the whole sh'bang where, in 2015, I was able to request it and use it to form the CandleLight Sims Archives.

The Secret Society of Woobsha